Friday, 23 November 2012

Christmas dates for shop.

Good morning everyone, just back from the school run and what a lovely crisp morning.  No rain and not alot of wind, it was just lovely having a brisk walk, up to the school.  The christmas street lights are up and on, so it`s beginning to feel alot more like christmas is around the corner.
I`m going to close my shop early this year, as the schools seem to have alot more going on, with the run up to christmas. 
I`m going to close on

Monday 10th December
and open on
Tuesday 8th January 2013

I`ve started to prepare and make some new lines for the new year and so i`m going to give you a peek at the heart brooches i`ve just finished.

I`ve padded these out a little, so they stand out a bit more.
If your interested in buying these before they go into my shop in the new year, you can contact me by email.
Anyway i`m off to finish off one of the sock creatures i`m in the middle of completing.
Have a great day!

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