Friday, 28 December 2012

New Folksy Shop

Good evening everyone and hope you had a wonderful christmas.
We all ate and drunk way too much, as usally, but that`s what it`s all about hehe!.
I had some lovely crafting books, which i`m itching to look through, but haven`t got around to yet.
I`ve also decided to start listing in my new Folksy shop at WM Cards and Crafts, which i`m very excited about, so please call over and have a look in the new few weeks and let me know what you think.  I`m very excited about this new venture and have lots of lovely new ideas rattling inside my head. I`m getting myself motivated and so hopefully once the kids go back to school on the 8th January, i`ll be able to really nuckle down.
I may be back before the new year, if not I wish you all well and have a great evening on the 31st.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

So Sorry!

I must apologise for being such a naughty, naughty! blogger of late.
Like most people at this time of year i`ve just got caught up with all my christmas makes and just haven`t had the time to do any blogging.  Everything has just caught up with me and i`ve been running from pillar to post, or at least that`s how it feels.
I`m giving myself a bit of a break and will be blogging again in the new year to show you my new makes.
I`ve decided to join up with FOLKSY and so in the new year, I will be listing on there as I think this will give me alittle bit more coverage, as well as doing my ebay listings aswell. But and there`s always a but, I have decided to cancel my shop for the time being, although i`ll still be listing as normal.  I`m not too sure what to do for the best yet, so will see how this pans out.
I wish everyone a fantastic christmas and new year and will see you all in 2013.

Friday, 14 December 2012

New Felt Owls

                             Good morning everyone and what a morning, rain, rain and more rain.
Such a change in the weather every day, I don`t listern to the forecast very often these days as it`s now different to what they always predict.
One day last week, it was suppose to be cold with a bit of sun and cloud, what we ended up with was rain, then heavy snow, what`s that all about?.
I`ve been pretty busy with schools and clubs this last couple of weeks, with christmas fast approaching.  I`ve managed to make list, upon list, upon list, of things i`m suppose to do and buy.  I`m a bit of a sucker when it comes to list and the strange thing is my lists always seem to disappear, so I end up making more lists, to replace these. 
Anyway, i`m here to show you the newest members of my owl family, that will be winging their way into my shop in the new year.  These went pretty quick when I listed these last and with Mother`s Day in march, i`m sure these will be flying their way to new homes.
I`ve still a ton of things to do and make, before the big day finally arrives and i`ve also got to get myself into gear for my listings in my shop.
So until the next time
catch you all later

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Monkey Keyrings for 2013

Good afternoon everyone and sorry for the lack of posts this last week.
It`s the start of the run up for christmas and i`m gonna be pretty busy, with making some of my january 2013 creations for my shop, then there`s the schools and clubs.  I still love this time of year though and have been able to take five and have a nose around and getting all inspired with the lovely decorations, that people have created. 
I made the christmas cake on tuesday, which was a bit later then I had planned, this was suppose to be on sunday, but just didn`t get around to it.  Which meant I wasn`t able to have a merry little tipple while making the cake because of the school run.  But never fear, the cake enjoyed it instead, YEAH!
One of the boys is helping the years, reception, 1, 2  and 3 with christmas shopping up at the school today, this is done every year for the whole school over 2 days, it`s a great fun event for all the kids and teachers.  Then tomorrow he`ll be doing his own with the rest of year 4, 5 and 6.
So he`ll be coming home with a bag of christmas goodies tomorrow.
I`ve been able to keep up to date with my orders, which is great and means, nobody has had to wait, i`ve managed to keep ontop of things, but has been alot of hard work, but really enjoying it.
I`ve been well organised, which for me is a main key.
I`ve been able to make a new batch of my felt monkey keyrings, so these are now ready for the new year, which is a great start.
I will still be selling my poppy brooches next year as well, as I make a donation for each poppy sold to a worthy cause. THE BRITISH LEGION.
Anyway, i`m hoping I won`t leave it too long next time I blog
Catch you all later

Friday, 23 November 2012

Christmas dates for shop.

Good morning everyone, just back from the school run and what a lovely crisp morning.  No rain and not alot of wind, it was just lovely having a brisk walk, up to the school.  The christmas street lights are up and on, so it`s beginning to feel alot more like christmas is around the corner.
I`m going to close my shop early this year, as the schools seem to have alot more going on, with the run up to christmas. 
I`m going to close on

Monday 10th December
and open on
Tuesday 8th January 2013

I`ve started to prepare and make some new lines for the new year and so i`m going to give you a peek at the heart brooches i`ve just finished.

I`ve padded these out a little, so they stand out a bit more.
If your interested in buying these before they go into my shop in the new year, you can contact me by email.
Anyway i`m off to finish off one of the sock creatures i`m in the middle of completing.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Yeah i`ve been posted on Laura`s Show and Tell

Good afternoon all and hope you`re not getting tooooo wet with all the rain.
The kids came back home from school soaked, like drowned rats and feeling sorry for themselves.  Poor dears!
Anyway I got a suprised email today from Laura at bugs and fishes to tell me that she had put me onto her show and tell,
i`m sooooo chuffed to bits and had forgotten all about this, as i`d sent her some pics of the lovely felt owls i`d made using the felt she sells a little while back.
I`m hoping to make a start on the felt goodies, I showed a little teaser of a couple of days ago, so hoping next week I can show these off to you.
Have a good evening

Monday, 19 November 2012

Donation for The British Legion

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has bought one of my felt poppy brooches.
I`ve been able to donate £20 so far to The British Legion.
Please keep buying from either my ebay shop or you can contact me by email, for this worthy cause.   These are for sale all year round.
Thank you.

Little teaser for January

Good afternoon everyone, just a little update and a bit of a teaser for what I have instore for january.
These brooches i`ve just started, so I can only show you a smidging of whats to come, but as it`s Valentines Day, then Mother`s Day, these would be ideal for both.  I`m hoping to have these completed in the next 2 weeks as my customers orders are coming in thick and fast, so I proberly won`t get them finished before then.
 When completed i`ll pop these on here first before they go into my ebay shop, so you can have a little look and also a chance to purchase one if you wish.
Until next time.
Ta Ta for now, Val xxx

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Felt Poppy Brooches- Donation going to The British Legion

Just a quick post to let you know that these 2 types of poppy brooches are in my ebay shop.  I will be selling these all year round and for every poppy sold, I will donate 50p to The British Legion Charity.
Both measure approx 3 inches across.
The top poppy has beads sewn around the outside edge as well as the centre of the flower, these will be £4.99 plus p&p.
The bottom poppy has beads sewn around the centre of the flower, these will be £3.99 plus p&p.