Thursday, 29 November 2012

Monkey Keyrings for 2013

Good afternoon everyone and sorry for the lack of posts this last week.
It`s the start of the run up for christmas and i`m gonna be pretty busy, with making some of my january 2013 creations for my shop, then there`s the schools and clubs.  I still love this time of year though and have been able to take five and have a nose around and getting all inspired with the lovely decorations, that people have created. 
I made the christmas cake on tuesday, which was a bit later then I had planned, this was suppose to be on sunday, but just didn`t get around to it.  Which meant I wasn`t able to have a merry little tipple while making the cake because of the school run.  But never fear, the cake enjoyed it instead, YEAH!
One of the boys is helping the years, reception, 1, 2  and 3 with christmas shopping up at the school today, this is done every year for the whole school over 2 days, it`s a great fun event for all the kids and teachers.  Then tomorrow he`ll be doing his own with the rest of year 4, 5 and 6.
So he`ll be coming home with a bag of christmas goodies tomorrow.
I`ve been able to keep up to date with my orders, which is great and means, nobody has had to wait, i`ve managed to keep ontop of things, but has been alot of hard work, but really enjoying it.
I`ve been well organised, which for me is a main key.
I`ve been able to make a new batch of my felt monkey keyrings, so these are now ready for the new year, which is a great start.
I will still be selling my poppy brooches next year as well, as I make a donation for each poppy sold to a worthy cause. THE BRITISH LEGION.
Anyway, i`m hoping I won`t leave it too long next time I blog
Catch you all later

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