Thursday, 20 December 2012

So Sorry!

I must apologise for being such a naughty, naughty! blogger of late.
Like most people at this time of year i`ve just got caught up with all my christmas makes and just haven`t had the time to do any blogging.  Everything has just caught up with me and i`ve been running from pillar to post, or at least that`s how it feels.
I`m giving myself a bit of a break and will be blogging again in the new year to show you my new makes.
I`ve decided to join up with FOLKSY and so in the new year, I will be listing on there as I think this will give me alittle bit more coverage, as well as doing my ebay listings aswell. But and there`s always a but, I have decided to cancel my shop for the time being, although i`ll still be listing as normal.  I`m not too sure what to do for the best yet, so will see how this pans out.
I wish everyone a fantastic christmas and new year and will see you all in 2013.

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